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  Sahari Lotus    

” There may not be WiFi in Mt.Shasta’s forests; but, if you listen real carefully, I promise that you will find an even better connection “

– Wisdom’s Flame


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Explore The Mysteries of Shasta with a Mystic

The Myth and folklore around Mt. Shasta goes back over a thousand years with the local Indian Tribes. Shasta was always viewed as a Creation Myth and was seen as Sacred Ground for Vision Quests.

Today’s modern stories are much more involved and include an advanced race of beings known as Lemurians living in a ‘hollow earth’ and a lost city of Gold known as Telos buried under the mountain. 

Some people contend that the mountain is an extra terrestrial landing site. UFO groups meet here every year

Others have sighted and actually filmed, a hairy nine foot tall hominid creature known nationally as “Sasquatch”. In fact, there are more sightings in this area of Northern California than the whole United States.

A man named Guy Ballard met what he called an ascended being, St. Germain,  right here on this mountain in 1930. He recounted his experience and created the “I Am” movement, which at one time had over 1 million followers. The organization still holds it’s annual conferences here on the mountain.

As a modern mystic, who has lived on this mountain for many years and explored extensively it’s inner dimensions; I have come to realize that many of these stories have some inner Truth.

What I believe, as a greater Truth, is that over this mountain is anchored an Ascended Master Retreat and many Sacred Temples in the Etheric Planes of the planet.  

Join me for a tour of these hidden dimensions, their Etheric Temples and the Masterful Beings, who occupy these realms. Then you will hopefully  realize for yourself the healing energies of the ‘rarefied ethers’ surrounding this Mystical Mountain.

– Sahari Lotus


Journey with Us on the Mystical Mount Shasta!

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