Who I Am

Sahari Lotus

My Mission

Deborah McFadden – Born in October as a double Scorpio, I have had spiritual vision even as a child. I was called to develop these faculties by the Ascended Hosts at the turn of the Millennium. Since then, I have done thousands of personal sessions with individuals from all around the world. I love people and I love the Ascended Masters. I consider it a privilege to serve both realms, while being in this embodiment.

Nine years ago my husband and I moved from the Yellowstone country of Montana and the etherial retreat of the Grand Tetons to the etherial retreat here in Mount Shasta. Although daily life in an isolated and snowy area such as Mt. Shasta can be quite trying, I wake up everyday thanking my Masters for the thinning of the spiritual veils around the mountain and the opportunity to serve them and the people who journey to this mountain for spiritual refreshment.

My company Mystic Mountain Tours operates under an SVA Special Use Permit from the U.S. Forest Service, which makes it legal to offer commercial tours and events on their property. Guides are certified in CPR and First Aid, have liability insurance, and know this area well. With our help, you will be assured of having a safe, fun, legal and educational event or tour in this area.